BMW N54 Turbocharger Installation Kit - Assembled by FCP Euro

E9X Ontario™

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SKU: KIT-11627558906KT
Quality: OEM 

OE Numbers

11627558906, 18407502196, 11127593376

MFG Numbers

727830, 429.060, 703687600, 13717568030, 70-39399-00, 725360, LM22074, 22074

This Kit Includes

Qty Part SKU Brand
6 Exhaust Manifold Gasket ELR-727830 Elring logo
16 Exhaust Manifold Nut BMW-18407502196 Genuine bmw
16 Exhaust Manifold Stud BMW-11127593376 Genuine bmw
12 Turbocharger Oil Line O-Ring ELR-429060 Elring logo
4 Screw BMW-07129904588 Genuine bmw
8 Screw BMW-07129905867 Genuine bmw
2 Turbocharger Oil Line Gasket REI-703687600 Reinz logo
2 Turbocharger Oil Line Gasket BMW-11427563453 Genuine bmw
1 Turbo Oil Line Screw BMW-07129904068 Genuine bmw
2 Turbocharger Intercooler Pipe Seal OES-13717568030 Oe supplier
2 T-Bolt Clamp BMW-11657558922 Genuine bmw
2 Catalytic Converter Gasket BMW-18307553601 Genuine bmw
4 Exhaust Nut BMW-11627509731 Genuine bmw
2 Exhaust Clamp BMW-11658585233 Oe supplier
1 Engine Intake Pipe Seal BMW-13717568029 Genuine bmw
1 Turbocharger Intercooler Seal BMW-11617791470 Genuine bmw
1 Vacuum Hose BMW-11657803732 Genuine bmw
1 Gasket Ring BMW-13712247398 Genuine bmw
1 Engine Coolant Pipe Gasket REI-703939900 Reinz logo
2 Exhaust Gasket ELR-725360 Elring logo
2 Turbocharger Additive MOL-LM22074 Liqui moly logo
Product Information

Complete installation kit for front and rear turbochargers on an N54 twin turbo engine

Turbochargers with high mileage may require replacement. Sometimes they can have a compressor failure or their may be internal oil leaks causing other issues. When replacing the turbochargers on your BMW it is also required to replace an array of hardware. Picking out all this hardware piece by piece can be a time consuming and daunting task. To help make your life easier to experts here at FCP Euro have assembled this comprehensive installation kit using a combination of Genuine BMW and OEM parts. Additionally, FCP Euro include the little tiny allen screws that are required replacements due to the special protective coating they use.

Turbo Maintenance

When looking to perform an upgrade or replace a failed turbo let's ask ourselves if we really treated our Turbo well and whether or not the new Turbo will be happy with us.

Turbochargers are cooled by oil and in some instances by coolant. Generally all turbo applications require some sort of cool down period after strained or used at higher than normal temperatures. It is always a good idea to practice a turbo cool down procedure regardless of how new or how old your turbo powered car is.

The cause of failure for most turbos aside from sucking something through other than air is simply overheating and oil failure. Oil breaks down much faster in a turbo powered application. Why? Oil is directly fed into the turbo to cool it. A turbo operates at temperatures that are a lot higher than in the crankcase. Now if we shut off the car after a hard run or a high speed run without circulating the hot oil out of the turbo and not allowing the turbo to cool down that oil will boil inside the feed lines and the turbo case.

Oil subjected to excess heat will leave heat spots and contaminants behind that are suspended in the formula. This is sludge. In order to avoid this and to take care of your entire lubrication system we recommend periodically performing an engine flush.

We strongly suggest you treat your engine and turbo with an oil additive such as CERATEC which not only reduces friction but will give the engine the ability to run for some time even after oil pressure is lost. 

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