BMW 50 Year Anniversary Style Emblem Roundel

E9X Ontario™

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Show off your BMW with this striking BMW 50 Year Anniversary Style emblem roundels!

This roundel is designed to fit your BMW perfectly and will look great when you’re out and about. This eye-catching emblem stands out among the crowd, with its vibrant colors that will add a fresh look to the exterior of your BMW. Crafted from only the highest quality materials, this emblem is the perfect accessory for your BMW. Its contemporary design allows for easy installation and its durable construction is guaranteed to stay shining away all season long. Make your BMW look its best today with this high-end aftermarket emblem roundel.


  • High quality, chromed aluminum for a dazzling, long-lasting shine.
  • Easy installation—no drilling or fabrication required.
  • Made with high-quality material, our BMW emblem roundel replacement is a great addition to any car, adding a premium look to the exterior.
  • Upgrade your car quickly and easily with our easy installation process, plugging directly into the existing emblem locations for a perfect fit.
  • The ultra-strong fiber-reinforced plastic ensures the emblem can take whatever your drive throws at it, lasting for years to come.
  • Comes with a UV-resistant clear-coat to protect against harsh weather and fading.
  • Our emblem won’t discolor in the sun, delivering care-free enjoyment no matter the weather condition.
  • Our BMW emblem replacement comes complete with all the components necessary for installation, taking the headache out of your aftermarket upgrades.


  • Ships from California, USA.
  • Includes grommets for installation


    • Hood emblem = 82mm in diameter.
    • Trunk emblem = 74mm in diameter.
    • Steering wheel emblem = 46mm in diameter.
    • Most BMW models 1977-2021
    • Male / Female connectors for Hood roundel
    • Trunk roundel is a male connector

    Note: Some BMW models are 82mm for the hood and trunk roundels. It is best to measure beforehand to ensure fitment. Not compatible with rear trunk roundels with a backup camera. If you need two 82mm roundels, you will need to order 2 hood roundels.