Fuel-It N54/N55 Fuel Pump Upgrades

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Fuel-It! N54/N55 fuel pump upgrades!

E Chassis 135i, 335i, and X1  Stage 1 LPFP Upgrades! 
These kits are designed to be installed inline with your stock low-pressure fuel pump (LPFP). They provide approximately 50% more flow when combined with your stock pump.

E Chassis 135i, 335i, and X1  Stage 2 Bucketless LPFP Upgrades
This is a complete low-Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) upgrade that replaces your stock LPFP assembly with a new E85 certified bucketless assembly.

This solution provides up to 25% more flow than Fuel-It! standard Stage 2 upgrade, up to 150% more flow than stock, and includes the following:

• A complete plug and play solution by simply replacing your stock bucket
• Our custom billet aluminum anodized bracket for the pump and float assembly
• A new E85 compatible Walbro pump
• A new Walbro filter
• A custom anodized billet fitting for the pump output and stock fuel line connection.
• Spare vent tube clip
• Two cotter pins to secure your float assembly

 *Stage 2 bucketless pumps can be purchased with the standard Walbro 450 pump or the optional 525 pump that flows approximately 10% more fuel.

BMW 1 Series 
• 2008-2013 E82 Coupe 135i 
• 2008-2013 E88 Convertible 135i

BMW 3 Series
• 2006-2011 E90 Sedan 335i / 335ix
• 2006-2011 E91 Touring 335i / 335ix 
• 2006-2013 E92 Coupe 335i / 335ix
• 2006-2013 E93 Convertible 335i / 335ix
• 2011-2013 E92 Coupe 335is
BMW X Series
• 2010-2015 X1 SAV
Recommended tools

Lock Ring Removal Tool
The stainless steel lock ring tool is suggested for removing the factory pump but not required. If you don't mind denting up your factory lock ring a hammer and screwdriver can be used for the same purpose.

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