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This is a complete factory BMW kit that was installed on most 2016 BMW M4 GTS's. Below are two options, this can be had with all of the mounting hardware and brackets or the extinguisher by itself to replace your used or out of date unit. Due to the mounting position on the M4 GTS, it allows for a larger 2KG fire extinguisher unit compared to most under seat mounting. This unit mounts where the rear seats would be in a standard BMW M4, please take note of this mounting position prior to ordering.

Hardware included will be for mounting the fire extinguisher and holder to the bracket itself, due to varying mounting options determined by your specific chassis and rear seat delete, you will need to use hardware best suited for your mounting needs. 

As with all of all products, we can not accept returns due to shipping regulations on fire extinguishers. 

*DISCLAIMER* This product is approved for use in select European countries with all the proper testing and certifications. This is not a product sold by BMW USA, so it has not been tested to meet US automotive fire extinguisher standards, therefore NOT being authorized for road use.

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